FITS Tungsten Turbo Cones Frödin Flies

Turbo tungsten conehead, populære disc cones i ulike farger.

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This is a further development on the original turbo cone. Mikael’s idea on a cone that uses simple physic laws to make the fly swim better than anything ever seen before. The unique idea that has been copied by so many. We have developed a tungsten version that not only opens up your soft fly in a seductive way, it also balances your fly to a perfect swim. We have kept the two smallest popular sizes and added a micro turbo for the smallest summer flies. The combination TTT and micro turbo is a new combo that gives durable super effective fishing flies. The turbo cone gives a fly with a broad translucent profile.

Small: 8 mm diameter, 0,5 g 
X-small: 6 mm diameter, 0,3 g
Micro: 4 mm diameter, 0,1 g

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