Guideline skagit tips 15ft

Level fast sinking Tips for use with 4D- Connect DDC- or Skagit lines. These Tips are made from the fastest sinking polymer/tungsten compound available and have a variable sink rate depending on weight, but starting at about 7 inches/sec.

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They are 15’ long and can be cut shorter if desired. All Tips have ID marking on the back end sleeve. This is how the T-labeling works: T10 – means that the weight of this leader is 10 grains/foot. Total weight for 15 feet is 150 grains/10 grams.


  • T6 Sink Rate - 7”/sec. = 18 cm/sec.
  • T10 Sink Rate - 8”/sec. = 20 cm/sec.
  • T14 Sink Rate - 9”/sec. = 23 cm/sec.
  • T18 Sink Rate - 10”/sec = 25 cm/sec.

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